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Over the course of about 5 years I've done my own personal work in learning how to use different applications provided by Adobe. I've done freelance projects, internship work and personal projects. Here are a bunch of projects I have done on my own and some I've done in school for classes I have taken.

Photoshop Manipulation

Ever since I took my first Photoshop class, I couldn't stop using the program. I really loved to minipulate images and create a world that is almost real using my imagination. Below are few images I have created and more to come soon.



message in a bottle

Message In A Bottle

self potrait

Self Portrait (Double Exposure)


Here are some logos I worked on to keep the creative flows going, I thought of random ideas of how I would create certain logos.

self potrait

El Gatito

El Gatito is a cat food logo I designed, a lot of people have pets and cats are the most common household pet. The inspiration came from owning my own cats and a lot of times they always ate the same food. When I was in school I went with a energy drink logo.

self potrait


Orbis was a logo I designed during my technology class when we had to make up the name for our company which was a technology company that makes a VR suit for everyone to use.

Typography Posters

These posters were created in my typography class, the assignment was to design a series of 3 posters about an era or movement of our choosing. I chose the movement Swiss Design an International Typographic Style by Max Miendinger.

type poster 1
type poster 2
type poster 3
type poster 4
type poster 5
type poster 6

Illustrated Characters

I have a huge facination with creating 2D characters, I get inspired by anything and everything. I first sketched out a few ideas I had in mind using simple shapes like circles, squares and triangles and then placed the drawing in Adobe Photoshop and used the shape tool to create the unique shapes I was going for. I played around a lot with the shapes till I got to the right shape I was looking for and colored them and created backgrounds for them. These were heavily inspired by the animals and toys I had when I was a kid.

niles the turtle
niles the turtle
robbie the robot
robbie the robot
pandi the panda
pandi the panda

Motion Design

Over the past two years I have been teaching myself how to use Adobe After Effects to get a better understanding of how to create motion graphics. I am still a begginer and I really love the software. I've done a couple of projects or my motion design class as well as on my own. Here are the best ones I have done so far with more to come.

Glitchy Name

Esports Seoul Dynasty Logo Intro

Creative Box Logo Reveal

Smoke Reveal

Fire Typography

Cinema 4D

I really love to keep learning about new software and when I found out about Cinema 4D I was really intrigued. I started to play around with the software to get a better understanding of how things work in this program. I have minor experience of using Cinema 4D but I am going to learn more. Here are two projects I have done on my own using the software.

Name Mo-Graph

Designer Word Mo-Graph